Growth Hacker

I am your partner in the digital world.

I move business of my clients forward
with the use of marketing and technologies.

Why me

Technology-driven marketer

I help clients with revenue generation through the implementation of data-driven marketing, digitalized sales processes, and technologies that have added value in this process.

I believe in the added value of technology drive marketing. But the problem is, which tool is right for you? Let me help you with that.

I’ve tackled problems and challenges for a wide variety of companies from different sectors. I have cross-industry experience and I am keen to hear what’s new in your business world.

I have a team of freelancers that help me to tackle those challenges.

One step ahead

You don’t have to worry anymore – with me, you will never miss the train of new trends. I follow the latest trends in business, marketing, and technology on a global scale.

The numbers do not lie

I am not an online charlatan. All decisions are transparent and based on data and research. I have started as a data analyst and I keep that focus.

Own business

I have historically worked in successful and less succesful business projects. I am a businessman with heart and soul.

Current allocation

Previous projects

References and projects

Satisfied client in the first place

The fact that I do my job well is reflected in the satisfaction of my clients.  The positive reference is a sign of well done job for me.

Own projects

If you are interested in projects I am currentyl active in do not hesitate to push the button below and preview them. If you are interested in any of projects I will be glad to anwer your questions.

How do I reach the results

To improve the business results I use the following products:

Google Marketing Platform


See the latest posts from my blogpost, where I focus on current topics in marketing, marketing technologies, and business in general.
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